Boracay Golf, Philippines Golf Course Fairways & Bluewater

World-Class Golf. World-Class Resort.

As a Proprietary Club share Owner, your privileges extend to ownership of a world-class 18-hole par 72 golf course by champion golfer and master designer Graham Marsh.

Take your golfing skills to the test – tee off across a mass of rolling and undulating terrain. On this, Marsh qips, "It's a unique golfing experience they may not find anywhere else in the world."

It blends the pleasure of golf with the immensity of the natural tropical landscape. Imagine a unique, self-contained land parcel with an aviary and tree-lined pathways within the course front nine.

The greens punctuated by the world-class waters cape design of Living Waters, an American company based in Brea, California, with extensive "water magic" expertise in places worldwide such as the Palm Valley Country Club in California, and Disney's Blizzard Beach in Florida, among others. It includes green side waterfalls, rocky creeks, as well as meandering streams and rivulets.

The back nine, however, offers a different perspective. It breaks into open spaces with a magnificent sea view, and along the island's most picturesque spots, that is, while one brushes past the golf holes.

To view the Boracay Philippines golf-course and more photos, please check out the Gallery.

Deep hollows in the front left of the green and the rocky creek to the right will ensure that accuracy is required from the very beginni...Read More

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